Sanada Thick Rolled Sushi Mold SD L-8167

SD L-8167

Size: 68x222x55

  • Product details

Product details

  • It is rolling thick rolled sushi mold that can make rolled sushi well.
  • Easy to make sushi roll without using rolls.
  • To use:
  • 1) Put half of the rice into a small mold inside, creating a free space in the middle.
  • 2 ) Put the small mold into the large tray.
  • 3) Add customizable kernel to free time between.
  • 4 )Cover the mold with rice.
  • 5) Cover the lid, press the rice tightly.
  • 6) Open the lid, turn the mold upside down, use your hands to press the mold to remove the rice balls and seaweed sheets.
  • 7) Roll seaweed wrapped in rolled rice.  
  • Product Size: 68x222x55(H)mm