About Foh Foh


Who we are

Foh Foh (和和) means Harmony in the Hakka dialect. Founded in 1970 and was later incorporated into Foh Foh Co. Pte. Ltd. in 1979. Foh foh  founded based on values of the harmonious interrelationship between people, family and society. Inspired to promote eco-friendly living for Singaporean, Foh Foh insisted on bringing in durable and affordable reusable quality household products from different parts of the world, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., to Singapore. 

Foh Foh values the importance of enhancing Singaporeans' quality lifestyle and environmental protection. We provide One-Stop household solutions- everything you need from resuable food containers to kitchen ware. We ensure the quality and safety of the products we carry.  Today, Foh Foh carries more than 20 brands of world-class quality reusable food ware products and eco-friendly household products, including homeware, kitchenware, tableware, livingware, laundry and storage products. 


To be the leader to provide environmentally friendly and high-quality reusable and durable household products to enhance better environmental protection and quality lifestyle. 


We hope to promote environmental profection and enhancing quality of living lifestyle through supplying quality eco-friendly reusable foodware and  household products.