Career & Internship

Foh Foh Internship

Suitable for: 

Polytechnic and University undergraduate students 

What can you learn in Foh Foh?technic graduate and University gradu

Gain First-hand insights into how Foh Foh strive success as one of the longest SME despite covid19 impact.

√ Be involved in import, export, retail and E commerce

√ To learn report writing in corporate engagement, grant application, research of market analysis

√ Enjoy on job training and personal development through outreach projects and networking conferences and meetings.

√ To be involved in innovative business model in E commerce, such as Live setup and selling, liaising with influencer and celebrities in video and social media content creation.


Who Should apply?

–Internship are open to Polytechnic and University undergraduates
–Interns are encourages to spend at least 12 weeks with us for a more purposeful experiences.
–Student can intern with us during school holiday or professional attachment periods.

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