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Lock & Lock

Lock & Lock Plesio Frying Pan 26cm For Induction Heater LOC1263IH


Material: Aluminium
Size: 483x273x60mm
Volume: 26cm

  • Product details

Product details

  • Aluminum material is very light.
  • can be used for induction cooker, ensuring absolute safety for users.
  • Absolutely safe teflon non-stick layer The inside of the product is coated with a completely safe teflon non-stick layer, ensuring that the food is fried and fried without sticking to the basin. The outside of the pan is covered with a nice heat-resistant paint to prevent the pan from burning or changing color, extending the shelf life of the product.
  • Unique design with insulated handle section Deep-water imitation diamond plesio Lock & Lock possesses a unique design with a long plastic handle that has good thermal insulation, helping users to avoid close contact with internal fire. cooking process, avoid hot burns.
  • Essential items for every familyWith a unique design and beautiful colors, the product contributes to adorn the kitchen space each family more luxurious and sophisticated. Deep pan suitable for cooking fried dishes, stir-fry, cooked soup, soup ... for the whole family


Instructions for use and storage:

Use the average temperature when cooking so as not to reduce the durability of the pan as well as not damage the non-stick coating surface.

Heating the pan for too long without food will damage the non-stick surface as well as reduce the life of the product.

Do not use metal cooking tools or cleaning pads.

During use, screws used to fix the handle will be loosened. , then the user should use the fixed screw before continuing to use it.

Do not leave cooked food in a pan for a long time or overnight to avoid corrosion.

Do not put the product in the furnace, Dishwasher or microwave.

Use a soft rag or sponge to clean the product after you cook it u.

Do not use abrasive cleaners.