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Pearl Life Vegetable chopper Uemura Style Vegetable Cutter


Size: 260x170x235(h)mm

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Product details

[SG Stock] Pearl Life Vegetable chopper Uemura Style Vegetable Cutter

它Fully chop the vegetables! Cut into crumbs, use beaten rice and divide into yellow pieces.

它Convenient and fast cooking!

它It can be used for cabbage, onion, carrot, green pepper, etc.

它Just a light rub to remove the food you need.

它The lid has sockets for making sauces and other oils.

它Because there is a separate yellow body, it is most suitable for making yellow body and white body, making snacks, etc.

它The main container is also provided with a water pouring port.

它With a lid, it is clean and hygienic.

它Comes with a rotating fan blade for easy beating of eggs.

它Can be used for eggs and creamy rice!

它The handle adopts a method that is convenient for injecting ingredients and colliding!

它There is a non-slip design on the bottom, so you can use it with confidence.

它Material: container, inside of the lid/polystyrene (-20 to 70); handle, outside of the lid, handle, yellow body separation, rotating fan blade, lid/polypropylene (-20 to 120); cover shaft/polyacetal (-20 to 120); cutter shaft/polyethylene (-20 to 70); non-slip/thermoplastic Elastomer (-20 to 70), other materials knife / stainless steel.

它Size: 260x170x235(h)mm


How to install handles and handles:

1. Install the handle like the package diagram. Insert the handle from below.

2. Pull up the handle and insert it.

Just insert the rotating handle into the cover.

3. When shredding and frothing cooking, please cover the convex part as shown in the picture, and let the filling port of the container position.


When Shredded:

1. Attach the lid to the container, and set the inserting slice of the convex part on the bottom with a rotating blade.

2. Put the chopped food ingredients into the container.

膏f it rotates smoothly, use a large material to cut the small in. Less than half of the container is standard.

3. Firmly fix the lid on the container, and then rotate the handle in the direction of the arrow. According to the different types of materials, please adjust the roughness according to the speed and rotation speed.

Note: Please do not rotate vigorously.

與lease do not reverse it. The blade is sharp, please use it with care.


The situation of bubbling, big mouthful rice:

1. Install the lid on the container, insert the convex part of the bottom into the foam and use the rotating fan to combine.

2. Put the eggs and wheat flour into the container, close the lid tightly, and turn the handle in the direction of the arrow.

蓄hen making foam, please remove it from the lid before using it. After using the yellow body, you can easily be divided into eggs.

3. Add oil and seasonings to mix evenly to make sauces and sauces.

Note: Please avoid using the lid for overall cleaning. Do not soak and wash. Do not use the dishwasher dryer.