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Pearl Life

Pearl Life CaféMug Lightweight One Touch Mug 350ml (Navy) HB-1929


Size: 6.7x6.7x21
Volume: 350ML

  • Product details

Product details

  • Easy, simple with one hand in one-touch and function with a lock and is reliable
  • Compact size which is convenient, easily carry around and became 28% lighter than conventional products.
  • Stylish design to be able takes into any place.
  • Product size: 6 width x 7.5 depth x 20.5 height cm, volume: 350ml
  • Packaging size: 6.7x6.7x21 cm
  • Thermal insulation effect: 61 degrees (six hours), 82 degrees (one hour), and the cold storage are possible for -13 degrees (six hours)
  • Inner bottle: Stainless steel, Body: Stainless steel (the firing painting), Cover stopper: Polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature 100 degrees), Opening and Shutting button: Polyacetal (heat-resistant temperature 80 degrees) Packing: silicone gum (heat-resistant temperature 180 degrees)