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Fudogiken 3 Tier Smart Wagon Fit W350 F-2590W


Material: PP
Size: 39.1x35.7x80.2

  • Product details

Product details

  • Do not hide but show the storage.
  • This product has a side board in the center.
  • Large capacity which 2L plastic bottles can stand on it.
  • Can take out the things easily from either side.
  • Can place it in any place such as kitchen or living room by changing the number of boards, height or combining with another one depending on the place.
  • Easy move to here and there with wheels.
  • Easy install.
  • Can hold up to 4kg for top layer; up to 6kg for middle layer; up to 10kg for bottom layer.
  • Size (Outer): 391x357x802(H)mm Size (Inner): 340x340x326(H)mm Packaging size: 391x357x240(H)mm